Mozaik Productionz is a company that is orientated around quality, providing a consultative service to both agencies and direct clients. We are a group of highly experienced professionals in the film, commercial industry. Specialising in content management and creation. We bring creativity, vision and passion to each project we work on. We have a team that is meticulous and dedicated to each and every project.
As a boutique firm, our objective is to provide world class productions at competitive prices. We provide bespoke services to suit and accommodate our client’s needs and requirements. We also have direct access to talents, Directors, DOP’s and Crew, from the local and international market.
We have a proven track record in corporate films, TV commercials, production facilitation, music videos, photography and documentaries.
With our creative approach and creative team, we help our pioneering clients stay ahead of the competition.


Martin Jude Leahy

Martin is the CEO and one of our talented directors. Martin has been in the film and advertising industry for over 11 years. He is based in Dubai but has a global portfolio. Martin has headed up several multination campaigns for companies like P&G, Landrover, Samasung and Nivea; to name a few.


George Max Trumler

George is a young and ambious director having moved from 1st AD. George has worked on many feature films and commercials. He is now making his mark as a Director. Specializing in digital content, George headed up Dubai tourism’s digital content team. Creating online content from concept to finish product.   


Mozaik Productionz aims to deliver powerful, high quality content, that’s worth a thousand words! We ensure all clients are in constant direct contact with our directors and DOP’s; this maintains transparency and ease of communication.
Mozaik Productionz will build the content and concept around your requirements creating impactful content whilst upholding brand integrity.
We are also able to facilitate permits to locations, crew and equipment.




Cell: +971 58 558 6829