Mozaik productionz is cabable of forefilling all of your film and commercial needs. weather this is servicing your international job, to running a full production from start to finish.


We at Mozaik are proud of the stills work we have been able to achive. With some big name brands in the region. We are also able to provide all of your still needs from permissions to gear. 

Whatever you need to make you stills shoot easy and fun 


Content creation

Mozaik has a team of amazing creatives who can handle you brand from concept of the content weather it be stills or film. we are always up for a challange and we always deliver  

Brand awareness


You and your brand deserve the best. We at Mozaik have the best creatives to get your message to the right people in the right way. Turst us with your brand we will not let you down


Cell: +971 58 558 6829